Our natural edge wood slabs are generally cut at 3 inches thick in various widths and up to 12 feet long and can be CNC flattened (planed). Thicker and longer slabs can be cut on request in available species (generally Cedar, Pine, Doug Fir, White Fir, California Black Oak and California White Oak (Valley Oak), California Black Walnut and Alder.  Hardwood slabs usually dry about 1 inch per year before kilning. Our 3 inch slabs are air dried in covered stacks for about one to two years and then kiln dried. The slabs are rough cut, natural edge, unfinished and may have bark on the edges.  With one edge ripped off they can be used for mantles or shelving.  We can also do glue-up slabs with natural edges for larger projects where a larger size or more stability is required.  A new availability is the preparation of kits.  We can take an interesting slab of your choice, plane it flat and square, glue-line rip the edges, add additional pieces if wanted to make the slab wider.  This provides you with a kit that only needs clamping, gluing, sanding and finishing for a final exquisite table top.  Your artistic capabilities, are required for the finish and the creation of the table leg assembly.

Besides slab availability from our logs, we can custom cut your log or slab.  Our slabber can cut logs/slabs up to 72 inches wide, 20 inches thick and up to 16 feet long.  Pictures are taken as the green logs are slabbed.  They are sprayed with water to highlight the grain.  Most large slabs will have some end splitting and cupping after they air dry and are kilned.  Large slabs usually require a craftsman that has the resources and experience to flatten the slab.  We can flatten your slab or ours on our CNC router table.  We flatten 3 inch slabs from 6 feet wide to 12 feet 6 inches long.  The rate is $4.50 a board foot for each side of the slab.

The larger slabs make beautiful conference tables, dining room tables, end tables, kitchen islands or furniture tops.  The smaller slabs are ideal for small counter tops, bar tops, small tables, benches, shelving or mantles.    Slab pictures are shown under the species.