Old Growth Redwood Slabs and Cookies

Hatchet Mountain has acquired a limited amount of Old Growth Redwood stumps.  These stumps/root balls were found buried in vegetation on the California North Coast and legally acquired.  They were probably cut over a hundred years ago.  We are cutting the stumps into 3" rounds (cookies) and slabs.  Each will have a very dense and contrasting grain because of the age of the tree and the twisting as it leads into the root.  Photos will be posted as they become available.  The slabs in the photos were water misted to highlight the grain.

Our locating a source of Old Growth Redwood stumps may not happen again.  The slabbing has just begun (May 2021).  Slabs of this age, uniqueness and quality are rare.  These slabs have required special transportation, handling and equipment.  These root balls were originally packed with debris and dirt.  The Redwood stumps require extensive pressure washing as they are cut.  These slabs contain a lot of different grains, such as burl, sunburst, curl and many other patterns all unique to Old Growth Redwood.

The slabs are darkened because of age.  Some resin work may be necessary because of the pits, cracks and checks.  The edges have been roughened because of the pressure washing and may require sculpting.  The extra effort will result in a magnificent heritage piece of furniture.  Some of the slabs have edges blackened from a woodland fire.  The slabs would make a great table top, wall art, shelves, resin project, fixed headboard, taxidermy base, craft project, or display.

Because of the scarcity and increased handling cost, the price will start around $20+ bf.  The slabs are rough cut 3" thick and the current internal humidity is about 10%.  Kilning is not required.  We have the capacity to flatten the slabs with a CNC router for an additional $4.50 bf.  Local pick up.