Rustic Paneling

Softwood paneling is solid wood and can be ordered in shiplap, tongue and groove or plank.  We make paneling from California trees of Cedar, Ponderosa Pine and White Fir.  It comes in assorted lengths of 33" to 16'.  The paneling is 3/4" thick and the finished face can be as wide as 5-1/2".  The grade is run-of-the-mill (ROM) with unsightly portions and open knots cut out.  Paneling can also be done in hardwood and Douglas Fir.


Shiplap is molded with a reversible pattern, so either side of the board can be presented by the installer. The long edges are relieved (cut with a chamfer), and the butt ends are cut square. Shiplap is installed with the butt ends centered on the wall studs or ceiling joists.

Tongue and Groove

Tongue and Groove is molded with a center-cut tongue and groove and the butts can be end-matched. When end-matched, the long edges and the end-matched butts are relieved (cut with a chamfer). Both sides of the board are planned smooth so either side can be presented. The end-matched butts allow the boards to be installed ignoring the location of the wall studs or ceiling joists when ending the board. This allows some saving of material and labor. The relieved edges (side and butts) highlight each  board.


Plank wood is molded to S4S, it is planned to 3/4” and glue line ripped to 6” wide. Plank can be custom ordered in other widths. Two inch wide battens can also be cut to match the plank paneling.