The v-bit carvings are generally done in the minimalist style where a few strokes are used to convey the picture. Most of our v-bit carvings are done on natural edge boards. They are 3/4" thick, kiln dried and have a keyhole carved in the back for hanging. The width varies from about 8" to 14" and will have some taper. Larger custom carvings can be done up to 24" wide. Most of our carvings are done from local softwoods and include Cedar, Douglas Fir, Blue Pine and White Fir. The custom carvings can include personal engravings for company logos, individual names and dates for awards or other recognition. Contact us for custom requests, pricing and scheduling.

The finished carvings are offered with a variety of subjects, including military logos. We can custom cut a customer's subject if a drawing or photo is provided. The carvings are usually cut to a maximum depth of 1/4". The depth will vary throughout the carving depending on the design. The natural edges will be cleaned of bark and sanded to 220 grit. We attempt to leave some color and open insect galleries for character. The face will be sanded to 220 grit and stained. The face and sides will be finished with urethane.

Available are unstained carvings with natural edge boards or cut S4S (smooth 4 sides) .

We can also provide blank unfinished boards that are up to 4' long with a natural edge or S4S . The natural edge blanks may have some bark still attached to the natural edge, and will require removal for sanding and finishing. The natural edge on the blanks can be cleaned and sanded by us if desired, but the carving, sanding and finishing will be up to the customer.

Because the carvings are from natural wood, they can vary in size, grain and color. The natural edge may slightly cup as the external humidity varies but is rarely discernible on the wall. Knots are avoided where they disfigure the carving, but may appear in the background. Knots and insect galleries are a natural component of wood and lend accent to the general appearance.

We will respond to requests in the order that they are received. We are very rural and shipping is contingent on delivery to USPS or UPS (50 miles). We have no pick-up service. Custom and larger orders will take about 2 weeks because of drying times, the carving program preparation, and execution.