Customer Projects Customer Projects Black Oak Floor 196511947 Cedar Table Top Kit 196514014 Yew Floor Customer's Logs 196514072 White Fir Paneling 196514163 Black Oak Floor ROM 2-1/4" 196514073 Black Oak Stairs with a Round Over Edge 196514104 Cedar Paneling 196514355 Cedar Paneling 196514356 White Fir Paneling 196514357 Black Oak Stair Treads with a Bull Nose Edge 196514358 Black Oak Cabin Floor 196514359 Black Oak Stairs Bull Nose Edge and 2" Return 196514310 Blue Pine Paneling, Custom Face Profile 196514311 Custom Cedar Chair 196514312 Cedar Paneling and a Blue Pine Slab Shelf 196514313 Pine Paneling 196514314 Blue Pine Shiplap Paneling 196514330 Black Oak Stairs 196514331 Black Oak Floor ROM 3-1/4" 196514332 Black Oak Cabin Floor 196514333 Top Picture is a Cedar Slab After Air Drying ---- Bottom Picture is the Cedar Slab After Ripping, Planing and Re-gluing 196514334 White Oak Floor Select 3-1/4" 196514601 Black Oak Stairs ROM with Bull Nose Unfinished 196514602 Cedar Paneling 196514603 Black Oak Floor Select Vertical Grain 3-1/4" 196514604 Black Oak Floor ROM 3-1/4" and White Fir Paneling 196514605 White Oak Floor Select 3-1/4" 196514606 Black Oak Floor ROM 3-1/4" and Blue Pine Paneling 196514607 Black Oak Floor ROM 3-1/4" and Blue Pine Paneling 196514608 White Fir Paneling 196514609 Black Oak Landing and Stairs ROM 3-1/4" 196514610 Cedar Cabinets 197818351 Pine V-Groove Panel Ceiling and Black Oak Floor 197818352 Cedar Slab Counter Top and Shelving 201354134 Cedar Slab Bench 201759151 Blue Pine Natural Edge Stair Treads 205276784 Cedar Natural Edge Table and Bench 205762068 Walnut Coffee Table 205832822 Walnut Coffee Table with concealed drawers 205832823