Hatchet Mountain Forest  uses a green building approach to our production from start to finish.  Most of our oak logs are purchased from local logging operations under California logging plans, where the California Department of Forestry permits the harvest of Black Oak on lands where it is abundant.  Typically, this oak is sold to firewood processors but we attempt to interface with the logging operations, identify the usable logs and arrange for their transport to our facility.    

Some of our logs are also obtained from urban areas where either home owners, construction projects or natural demise require their removal.  This is another way that Hatchet Mountain Forest Products practices green building.  Rather than just burn these great resources we utilize these trees that need removal by turning them into our custom flooring, siding, paneling, trims, and natural edge slabs. 

All the logs are end sealed (waxed) when they come to our facility to slow their drying until cut.  The logs are then cut on a band mill with each cut directly observed and manipulated for quality.  The majority of each log used becomes one of our finished products while the remnants are used as firewood for the hot water kiln.  The slabs are cut on a Lucas Dedicated Slabber.

The milled lumber and slabs are then carefully stacked on stickers and air dried under weights to minimize distortion.  During the air drying process, the stacks are wrapped in a shade cloth with a rain cap to prevent sunburn and promote slow drying.  The stacks are air dried for about one year with their humidity closely monitored. 

Black Oak requires a carefully supervised kiln schedule that is very different from softwoods and other hardwoods.  All the schedules are closely monitored and tailored for each kiln load to prevent drying defects.  We use a dehumidifier/hot water kiln with low temperatures to prevent stressing the wood which minimizes these defects.  During this process the temperature is gradually brought up to 160 degrees for some species and held for 48/72 hours to kill any bugs and harden the sap deposits (if present).  Once this process is complete the wood heads to the molder.  The hot water kiln uses the mill slash to provide heat. 

All the molding for our flooring and softwoods is done by us on site.  The flooring and softwood runs are performed by our molder at relatively slow speed to prevent grain tearing.  The wood is then quality checked several times before being strapped for pick up or delivery.  

Our flooring lengths and grades are National Oak Flooring Manufacturers Association (NOFMA) standards.  Some lumber operations separate and sell the two highest grades of their products as FAS or Select lumber.  We utilize all the grades in our product offerings.  Our paneling is smooth on both sides and is usually done as a reversible shiplap or tongue and groove.  This allows the buyer to choose which face to expose when installing.  Upon request we can make bundles with longer or shorter pieces than the industry standard to provide specific patterning.  We can also color or grain match for the more discriminating buyer and if desired cut different patterns, widths, and thicknesses.  Our careful handling process throughout the entire process ensures every customer receives a quality product.  

While meeting your flooring or paneling needs, we can also provide you with custom matching trims, stair treads, risers, skirting, and wainscot.  This service will enable you to have a more coordinated style.  The matching trims we offer as a standard part of our product line are not available with engineered or laminated products and separate us from the competition. 

We also offer slabs with natural edges from 1 to 3 inches thick in various species, widths and lengths for furniture, table tops, mantles or ?.  Our CNC Router Table can flatten your slab or ours.  We flatten 3 inch thick slabs from 6 feet wide to 12 feet 6 inches long.

Prospective buyers need to plan ahead and order early because we keep a limited inventory on hand and some orders have a lengthy lead time.  Visitors are always welcome at our facility in Montgomery Creek. 

If you have any further questions or would like an estimate please call 530-337-6920, or send us an email.  We are not always directly available for phone calls and prefer to discuss your interest by email.