Hatchet Mountain Forest Products is a small independent manufacturer of quality flooring, plank paneling and natural edge slabs in hardwoods and softwoods.  We also do V-bit and 3D carvings on small boards and large slabs.  We are located in the Redding area of Northern California.  Our flooring focus is on solid wood California Black Oak and California White Oak (Valley Oak).  Our paneling centers around local softwoods and includes Ponderosa Pine, Incense Cedar and White Fir. We also specialize in natural edge slabs (live edge).  Our natural edge slabs include California Black Walnut, California Black Oak, California White Oak (Valley Oak), Live Oak (Canyon), Incense Cedar (clear and pecky), Ponderosa Pine (clear and blue stain.  Blue stain is sometimes referred to as blue pine or denim pine), Sugar Pine, White Fir and Douglas Fir and other local species as they come available.  We can also do glue-up slabs with or without natural edge when stable larger slabs are desired.  We can also provide kits where the wood is planed square and flat with glue-line edges.  The kit requires the buyer to glue and clamp the pieces, sand and finish. Slabs can be procured at the air dried stage (green to 20% EMC) or kiln dried (8-10% EMC).  Our CNC Router can flatten large slabs, leaving only the sanding, assembly and finishing to the customer.

We normally do not hold completed slabs in inventory; we manufacture the product when ordered.  There is some delay time.  We do maintain an inventory of natural edge slabs, some flattened.  We can carve the slab with a custom design furnished or selected by the customer.

We do custom log milling for customers that can deliver their own logs.  We also do large beams and posts (up to 22"x22"x26'). 

We do a variety of unfinished V-bit carvings for the DIY woodworkers.  They are done on kiln-dried natural edge planed boards from local species.  We also have blank natural edge boards for the imaginative woodworker.  We can do custom V-bit and 3-D carvings both unfinished or finished.